About & Contact
I am a Brazilian-born graduated graphic designer
located in Rio de Janeiro.
I'm passionate about metal music and your culture since I was 12 years old. But my contact with art was even earlier. As a child I loved to draw all that I liked. Later I put together my two passions, art and music, where I started creating artwork for the band I played and soon began to create for bands of friends, without even knowing what was the designer profession. 
For a long time I did not believe that art could be definitive in my life, until I do this realizing that nothing made me happier when I created involved by music. Since then I have devoted myself to specialize to do what I like best.
In my journey I have worked for the agency as art director. Today I am a designer focused on metal music and your culture. I founded Asymmetry to carry my name as a brand. I work creating and developing for print and digital media projects for bands, labels and artists as CD//DVD//BLURAY//BOOK//etc covering, promotional design, online campaigns, merch, apparel and more. I have worked for clients located all over the world. However, despite my focus I also develop and create for other genres.
Thank you!
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